9 Reasons why Your Child is going to Love a Karting Party

Since we opened in January 2015, we've been really proud to host literally hundreds of kids' karting parties. Kids absolutely love karting at our Rochdale Track and we love helping them to improve their skills and lap times.

Here are nine reasons why your kid's karting party is going to be amazing.

1. Indoor go-karting is one of the coolest things you can do!

I'm sure you've spent half your life at soft play centres, ball pools, football parties, petting farms, laser tag and all the other places the kids take you. Remember when you had your own social life?

However, there's nothing quite like the thrill they'll get from karting. Let's face it, it's one of the coolest things you can do. There is something about go-karting that's truly exhilarating. The race suits, the safety helmets, the speed, the noise. The sprint to the finish line followed by photos on the podium.

It's also a perfect alternative for those boys and girls who aren't in to the traditional sports like Football, etc. They may not be the coolest kid on the football pitch, but when they overtake their pals to take first place, they'll suddenly become epic!

Kids Go-Kart Party in the pitlane

2. Karting is perfect for both boys and girls

Boys and girls both absolutely love go-karting. In fact, we find that girls are usually even more competitive than the boys

Some of the best juniors we have ever seen on our track are girls and they've all gone on to set amazing track records.

Our go-karts are designed for boys and girls from 8 years old and above (as long as they're at least 132cm tall.)

Whether it's a group of girls or boys on their own, or a mixed group, they will all have a fantastic time on the track.

3. It's an outstanding way to help improve their confidence, discipline and self-control

One of things I'm most proud of at TeamKarting is how we've helped our juniors to develop key life skills. Go-Karting is a sport that requires absolute discipline. For safety reasons, there's no messing about at TeamKarting – we simply won't allow it. Go-Karting requires focus and discipline.

It's amazing to watch kids hone their skills and develop self-confidence. I've seen so many kids come to our track with absolutely no confidence whatsoever and after just a few laps, grow massively in confidence and ability. Invariably when they finish their session, they're buzzing and cannot wait to do it again.

They quickly learn how to race without bumping in to each other and how to time their overtaking manoeuvres to perfection. It takes discipline to do it properly and the self-confidence this gives them is wonderful to see.

4. Our track is just amazing

Cadet Go-Karts Prerace Lineup

Our track is very unusual in that it's 100% tarmac, which means it's a truly authentic racing experience. And because the karts stick to the tarmac like glue, it means they are very fast too. It's an epic experience.

We recently extended the track so it's now the longest all-tarmac indoor karting track in Greater Manchester. It's also quite challenging, which means the kids will have to work hard and earn their place on the podium.

5. Their friends are going to absolutely love it

Something incredible often happens when a junior has their karting party at our track. Within a few months, every one of their friends has usually booked their party with us too!

The feedback we receive from guests is amazing – they all love it. Again, it's something new and exciting and a break from the usual boring parties they are all used to.

Now you can treat your kids a party their friends will be talking about for months.

6. We treat your kids like a million Dollars!

Some tracks treat your kids like second class citizens. They have a ‘kids/cadet' track that they use rather than their proper track. Some tracks even shove your kids outdoors in an old carpark! Not at TeamKarting.

We treat your kids like heroes. They all get to use the main tarmac track, the same ones the adults use. Our track marshals give every child their full attention to make sure they're happy, safe and ready to get the most out of the experience.

Junior Karting Party Safety Briefing Kids Karting Final on the Podium

7. It's fast and exciting but we also have an impeccable safety record

Just in case you're a nervous parent, our amazing Sodi go-karts are fast but they are also very safe. Each junior kart has a 360 degree impact protection system, roll bars and multi-point seatbelts to ensure every child is as safe as possible.

In addition, each driver is given a full track safety briefing to make sure they understand how to drive the karts and how the track works. Lesser tracks just get the juniors to watch a video (or worse – read the rules from a board). Not at TeamKarting. All our safety briefings are delivered in person by one of our experienced track marshals.

This ensures that the kids actually listen and fully understand the rules. The marshals are also on hand to answer any questions the children might have and also to keep an eye out for anybody that looks nervous, etc.

Once they've been briefed, all kids are given race suits, gloves and safety helmets. Once kitted out, the marshals check over their helmets to make sure everything is perfect.

Children's Go-Karting Party Manchester Grid

8. Full use of the party room and facilities

Once the kids have enjoyed their track time (and hopefully climbed the winners' podium), you can then use one of our party rooms for your celebration. You can either bring your own food and drinks or we can provide them for you. You can choose from a selection of pizzas or hotdogs.

9. We have a range of options to suit every budget

We have a range of different party options and prices for you. From our simplest format where you concentrate just on track time, to our ultimate package where you get extended track time, track walk, a practice session for the birthday child and food and drinks, you can now choose the package that best suits your needs.

If you've got kids, make their next birthday party a karting party. Give us a call today and we can talk you through the options and availability.

You should also check out our dedicated party page, here.

See you at the finish line guys!
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