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Things may be a little different. To best protect our staff and customers. We will have a one way system in place around the venue and will be limiting session group sizes.

  • - An O-Zone cleaner will also be installed to put all helmets and race suits though an intense cleaning process inbetween sessions.
  • - Booking will be via pre-booking/appointment only. (Priority going to those who have missed out on booking previously or who have vouchers to redeem)
  • - No cash payment will be accepted, driver registration and sign in will be done remotely and all lap times will be email out rather than printed off.
  • - New Balaclavas and gloves will also be issued to drivers before taking to the track. These to be taken home by the drivers.
  • - We will also have a strict and regular cleaning routine in place.

We welcome drivers from 8 years old onwards. Drivers must also be at least 132cm tall, so they can reach the pedals! Children from the age of 6 are welcome to join our Bambino sessions. Children under 16 years old will drive in our cadet karts. Drivers aged 16 years old and above will drive in our adult cars, subject to our suitability assessment. All drivers under 16 years old will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult. Please bear in mind that we reserve the right to disallow people from driving if we feel there is a capability/safety issue.

We're open every day except Christmas Day.

Mon-Thu 11am - 9pm
Fri 11am - 10pm
Sat 9am - 9pm
Sun 9am - 10pm

We open at different times during school/bank holidays.

It's really easy to find us. We're on Queensway in Rochdale, close to Castleton. We're around the corner from Sandbrook Park and close to Williams BMW. From the M62, leave at J20 (Rochdale).

Our address is: Ensor Mill, Queensway, Rochdale, OL11 2NU.

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We run loads of different events and formats, for example practice sessions, grand prix, endurance, family tracks, 1-2-1's, etc. We run events for corporate customers, children's parties and stag and hen parties. We also host charity nights and fundraisers and we can customise/bespoke an event to your exact needs.

You can check out our full race programme here or contact us for full info.

On your first visit you will require a race licence. These cost £4 and you will also get your own balaclavas to keep and reuse. If you already have a balaclava or will be using your own helmet then the race licence is £2 Racing Licences last 12 months, after this time you will need to renew your licence. It depends on the type of event you want. Our practice sessions start at £27 for 20 minutes of track time. See our Full Race Programme for a full range of event types and prices.

No, not normally unless it is a pre-booked family track event. For safety reasons kids and adults do not compete on the track at the same time. The adult karts are more powerful than the kids' karts, which means there is a big speed differential. It also means that lap times wouldn't be fair.

Yes, if you are using one of our helmets, a balaclava must be worn under the helmet. You can purchase your very own Team Karting cotton race balaclava for £3.

Yes, we’re happy for you to bring your own crash helmet, provided it meets or exceeds British and European standards, is free from cracks or other defects and has a clear visor. Open face helmets and dark visors are not allowed.

You will need flat shoes or trainers. Boots or high-heeled shoes are not suitable footwear. We’ll provide you with a race suit, gloves and a helmet but you should wear sensible clothing. You won’t need to undress – the race suit goes over the top of your clothes. Remember that karting tracks are often very cold places, so we recommend you bring a coat and some layers with you, especially when spectating.

An awesome one. It’s indoors and it’s 100% tarmac. That means you won’t be slipping and sliding around on shiny concrete like you do at other tracks, this is the real deal. Tarmac is the ultimate karting experience. Our track is also very exciting, with some very fast straights, tight corners and challenging bends. You won’t coast to victory on our track – you need to earn your place on the podium!

We have Sodi GT5 Adult Karts with 200cc engines, with a maximum speed of around 40MPH. Our Sodi cadet karts have 120cc engines and also benefit from extra safety features, such as seatbelts and rollbars.

Just get in touch with us by phone on 01706 310 999 or email and we’ll sort everything out for you. We’ll need to know what type of event you want, how many people you have and the dates/times you’re looking for. Or click on the button and go karting. Book Today

Yes, we’re the perfect venue for your child and their friends. We host dozens of parties every week. All children need to be 8-15 years old and at least 132cm tall. They’ll get a safety briefing, all race wear, track time, podium finish, timesheets and medals for the top 3. You’ll also have exclusive use of the party room, with pizzas and hotdogs and unlimited juice. Give us a call to discuss your requirements in detail.

Yes, absolutely – we host hundreds of successful corporate track days every year. We have a wide range of event options, depending on the number of guests you’d like to invite and the race format you’d like to run. We can provide conference facilities and refreshments for your guests and we provide free WiFi. Please call us to discuss your requirements in detail.

Yes, all visitors are required to have a safety briefing. Our briefings are conducted in person, by one of our track officials who will be able to answer any questions you have. Click here to watch our safety briefing now.

We highly recommend arriving 30 minutes before your planned event. This will allow time to get you registered, give you the essential safety briefing and for you to get changed in to the racewear. We cannot guarantee that we can get you on the track if you do not arrive in good time and your booking may be at risk.

We use a number of flags and warning lights to make you aware of situations on the track. It is important that you understand what each of the flags mean. We cover this during your safety briefing when you visit us, but here they are for your reference:
The green flag The green flag is used to start your race or heat.
The red flag The red flag means stop. You should bring your kart to a controlled stop and then keep your foot on the brake. There may be a total obstruction on the track so be observant. Stay in your kart and wait until the condition is cleared.
The yellow flag The yellow flag means slow down to a walking pace and no overtaking. Stay in your current positions and drive very slowly around the track. Be aware that there may be an obstruction on the track you will need to drive around. Marshals may also be on the track. Maintain a slow speed until the condition is cleared.
The blue flag The blue flag is used to indicate that a faster driver is trying to pass you. In race conditions, this means the race leader is about to lap you. You should move off the racing line, allow the faster driver to pass and then move back on to the racing line to continue your race.
The black flag The black flag is used to either warn or disqualify drivers for inappropriate conduct. We have a list of track rules that we expect all drivers to uphold. Anybody flouting the rules will be removed from the track.
The chequered flag The chequered flag is used to indicate the end of your session, heat or event. You should continue driving competitively until you cross the finish line and pass the chequered flag. Once you have cross the line, you should drive to the pit lane.

Unfortunatley you cannot use your own helmet camera. We have specially adapted Go Pro cameras available that attach to our own Team Karting helmets. They are excellent and you can receive full footage of your session for the bargain price of £10.00 per camera.

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