I understand that karting is a form of motorsport and is dangerous. I understand that whilst using the facilities of TEAMKARTING I undertake to accept responsibility to look after myself and those around me in a careful and thoughtful manner at all times whilst on the premises. I accept that shall I be solely responsible for my decision to drive or discontinue driving any kart at any time whilst it is under my control and hereby declare that I am not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

I hereby confirm that I must not and will not participate in any activity unless I have first attended the driver briefing where I will be advised and thoroughly informed of the inherent risk in taking part in karting and related activities, including but not limited to the fact that karting and related activities can cause injuries to myself, collisions, overturning, rapid decelerations, rapid accelerations and unpredictable acts and omissions by others. I further state that following this briefing, I will abstain from participating should I not agree to accept the inherent risks involved.

I hereby declare that I am in good health, have good eyesight and do not suffer from any disability or health issue which might make it unsafe for me to drive. I accept total responsibility for deciding as to my fitness to drive a kart. I do not suffer from Epilepsy, fits, recurrent blackouts, high or low blood pressure, breathing difficulties, fainting spells or giddiness, any form of psychiatric or mental illness and/or I am not aware of any such impairment of my child or charge’s condition.

I further state that I do not suffer from any pre-existing condition, such as but not limited to back, neck or spinal complaint, dislocation, weakness or injury involving breaking of any limbs, diabetes, lung or heart disease or severe head injury which may lead to concussion or unconsciousness, which might make it unsafe for me to drive and/or I am not aware of any such impairment of my child or charge’s condition.

I further state that I am not participating against medical advice and that I have not been diagnosed as having a terminal illness. I further declare that in the event of feeling physically or mentally unwell or suffering an injury of any description during the course of karting activities, I will notify the proprietor of the premises where the activity is taking place or his authorized representative immediately, and will therefore immediately discontinue any karting activity.

I understand that CCTV images are being recorded for the purposes of safety and security and I accept that TeamKarting may use photographs and/or videos containing my image on marketing materials and online for promotion purposes, including posting to TeamKarting’s website and official Facebook and Twitter pages.

I understand the terms of this document and the reasons why I have been asked to sign it and hereby confirm that I am signing it of my own free will. I further state that I am of lawful age and legally competent to sign this certificate and that I have acquired the written consent of my parent or guardian as appropriate. I confirm that I am 16 years of age or over. If participant is aged 15 or under, a parent or guardian of 18 years or older must sign.

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