By BigDaveK Wednesday 28 November 2018

TeamKarting are thrilled to officially announce that Bambino karting is coming back to our track! If your little one has the need for speed, then karting is the perfect activity to get into, and there’s nowhere better to get into it than at TeamKarting.


Bambino karting is perfect for any kids aged 6, 7 and any dinky 8’s, around 115cm (subject to leg fittings) who want to get started in karting. It is the perfect way of introducing karting to your little one in a safe and purpose-built environment, especially if outdoor karting is of interest for the future.


Karting for anyone comes with a lot of benefits. Bambino karting gives the chance to help further develop those vital skills that kids are in the process of learning. It requires focus on the track, and as well as awareness of other racers and what is to come ahead. It boosts confidence levels that are transferred off the track too. Ultimately, karting has a hand in learning about decision making and problem solving, as well as responsibility.


At TeamKarting, safety is our number one priority, and we do everything we can to make sure everyone has a fun time out on our track whilst staying safe too. For Bambinos, we only allow three out on the track at the same time, who are under constant supervision from experienced track marshals. The Bambino karts themselves are lightweight and specially designed for ages 6-8. We also provide the appropriate track suits, helmets, and gloves.


TeamKarting have the ideal environment to get started in karting due to our all-tarmac track. This makes the karting experience authentic and prepares drivers for progression to outdoor karting. But it isn’t just our track which sets us above the rest – it’s our sheer passion about grassroots karting and support for those who want to develop their skills that makes us unique. One of our Bambinos, Seb Moore started his karting journey with us through our training modules. He soon progressed to outdoor karting, and only 12 months later, Seb won his first title as national vice champion in the BKC (Bambino Karting Championship)! TeamKarting are now a proud sponsor of Seb’s and look to continue to support him any way we can, including using the track when he’s not racing away to help keep up and further develop his amazing talent.


Bambino Karting at TeamKarting starts with a series of modules designed specifically to help young kids grasp the skills they need to feel confident on the track. They do this in a safe and controlled environment on a 1-to-1 basis. From learning about the karts and track rules to the basics of karting and everything in between, our modules cover the skills needed for kids to start their karting experience, fostered by an experienced and supportive team who are dedicated to grassroots karting! Once your child has passed the modules and feels confident to do so, they can move onto our special Bambino Arrive and Drive sessions. If your child already has experience with Bambino karts, then we offer 1-to-1 sessions to see if they can jump into the Arrive and Drive sessions without need for the modules.


You can join us for our special Bambino sessions every Tuesday starting from 4th December until Christmas, from 5:30pm (arrival 30 minutes before start) with Arrive and Drive sessions starting from 6:15pm. Spaces are currently extremely limited, so be sure to book ahead of time by calling us on 01706 310 999 or visit the website at Bambino Karting. Unsure if your child is tall enough? Come visit us before any bookings to check! At TeamKarting, we are dedicated to supporting grassroots karting. If you would like more information about Bambinos or any other karting opportunities we have for kids, please feel free to give our friendly team a call or email us at hello@teamkarting.co.uk.