At TeamKarting, we’re proud to offer an exclusive karting experience for children aged 6 and 7, a rarity in the North. Our Bambino Modules, at £41 each, are meticulously designed to introduce young racers to the essentials and safety of karting. From mastering the basics of kart control, including precise braking and acceleration techniques, to navigating corners and understanding the importance of apexes and racing lines, each session is crafted to elevate their skills. Successfully completing these modules grants a licence, opening the door to our Bambino Club. Here, in a structured environment, they can progress from beginner to advanced levels, further honing their driving prowess and laying down the tracks for their karting journey.

TeamKarting Bambino Licence


After successfully completing the three foundational modules and demonstrating solid kart control, children are welcomed into our Bambino Club, were we run a beginner, intermediate and advanced sessions, allowing them them to further develop their driving skills. 

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