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At TeamKarting we pride ourselves on being inclusive and open to all irrespective of physical, mental academic and cultural background. That is why we offer a number of bespoke sessions which allow us to meet the needs of as many people as possible.

In the past we have hosted many events and worked alongside organisations such as TeamBrit and KartForce. We have also been nominated for an Anna Kennedy Autism Hero award.


KartForce is a team of Serving and ex-Serving injured troops that race in endurance karting events around the country and abroad. The aim is to provide injured troops with memorable, adrenalin packed experiences and providing the injured troops themselves with the opportunity of enjoying the experiences of racing and socialising, something they never thought they could do again.

Taking part in highly competitive events allows our lads to forget their injuries & focus on the job at hand – maximum performance to achieve the best possible result for their team. It’s a race Team set up to give drivers with different needs the opportunity to race against able bodied drivers as a professional and semi professional level. Following from the success of Kart Force, Team Brit was set up in 2015 giving KartForce drivers the opportunity to step up to competitive racing against able-bodied drivers.

TeamBrit now opens its doors to drivers outside of the military and supports drivers from many different backgrounds and even providing our very own Matty Street the opportunity to start his own racing career in the Gaz Shocks 116 Trophy.


The feedback from parents is always amazing we hear so often how karting has brought the children a new-found confidence as well as on and of the track focus. Karting allows the children to have an outlet for what they are feeling and is a very personal experience with minimal interaction with others.

Even though our main activity is karting, the outcomes of our work go far beyond Karting achievements. Our work helps re-build & re-shape their lives by building their self-confidence, giving them a massive sense of achievement & self-worth.


Autism particularly is a subject that we our very passionate about and over the years we have noticed a definite pattern between children with Autism and a love and skill for Karting and Racing. At one-point half of the drivers on our children’s leader board had some form of Autism.


To allow us to be as open to as many people as possible we have many different options available to tailor a karting session to someone’s needs

One On One Sessions – These allow is to spend time on the track with an individual who may need more time to understand the controls and instructions in a controlled environment with no external pressure from additional drivers on the circuit.

2 Seat Kart Sessions – Using our specially designed 2 seat kart we can give people the experience of being in a kart while our trained drivers are in the driver’s seat to keep everything running smoothly. This has proven to be very popular with many parents bringing their children multiple times.

Hand Control Kart – We can change any of our vehicles to be operated using only the driver’s hands. This allows us to offer sessions to people who do not have full use of their legs. These were donated to us by The Kart Force charity who we have worked with over the years on fund raising events.

Racing With Autism – Supporting people and carers of people living with autism is something that is very close to our hearts. This is why we host a Racing with Autism night on the first Thursday of every month, and has proven to be very popular with both the children and parents/carers who attend.